Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is my Crazi Crazi

RELIEF!! That is what I am feeling right at the moment... I have soo many doctor appointments to keep since the accident and getting a ride everywhere can be soo very frustrating!! I am grateful for all my friends who help me out on a daily basis and I know that I would be lost without their dedication to our friendship in my time of need. I know this is only a temporary situation but its still a pain in the ASS!! I cant wait to drive again!! Not to mention that the ex-factor isn't taking Savanna to school ~ stating she is sick and I cannot verify it, she doesn't sound sick....I have good health insurance for her yet he never wants to take her to the doctor when she isn't feeling well...What am I to do??? I know her grades are good but thats not a reason to let her play 'hooky' whenever...and she has to miss alot of school before it is considered truant even though he is willfully not taking her just because he "doesnt feel like it" is how he explained it to me...Calgon cannot take me far enough away from him!!!!
I had to cancel my physical therapy appointment today, the office is crazy with the boss out of town and I could not get everything done if I had take the 2 hours out of my day to go...I am doing my ' PT homework' daily and will make sure I go the appointment I have on Friday...I don't want my healing to suffer b/c of my dedication to my job, I just want to be able to sleep at night without worrying about what I did not get done in the office. I am taking time to type this out for a quick break from the phones etc... Having just gotten back to work before they left for Europe for 2 weeks was a little overzealous on my part but they had this trip planned since late last year and I didn't want them to cancel it...so here I am! I am anxious about everything I am expected to handle and I know I am capable, its just alot for one person to shoulder... The company I work for manages about 500 residential homes all over Jacksonville and staying on top of it is a nightmare for ONE person!! Coming back after being gone for 3 months is not easy either!! I know I can handle this its just not an ideal situation.
I talked to my BFF Nichole in California last night. I introduced her to this amazing theraputic blogging page last week, she loves it!! We have known each other since we were 18 years old and I cherish our friendship so very much, we don't get to see each other in person very often but are always in each others hearts. Its ironic how we have gone through the same experiences in our lives just at different times and have been able to lean on each other every time...We shared our pregnancies with our daughters across the miles, I was in Florida she was in California and we were due a month apart...I was happy to have her to share it all with and I am thankful to know she is a forever friend no matter how long we go without a real 'in person' hug!! Talking to her is always theraputic for me, whether its about stuff I am going thru or her stuff, its good to reflect on how far I have come and I am happy I can help her out with the knowledge that comes from 'been there done that'.
If I can just make it thru till Thursday night... can't wait to see my sweetheart, I miss him soo very much! I cannot imagine how the military spouses do it for months at a time, God Bless them!
I am anxious about the trip to Columbia for Thanksgiving. I know it will all work out, just stressing about everything right now!! I hate that Savanna is supposedly sick but I cannot talk to her and dont know when she will be back at school, hopefully tomorrow he will take her back....Hopefully....and tomorrow is another day :)

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Nichole said...

The first thing I want to say is thank you and that I love our friendship. I to wish we are able to see each other more often. We should look at a plan of getting together once a year somewhere halfway. Now take a deep breathe and remember to always take care of you because if you don't no one else will. It seems that we are having our days with the exe's sometimes I think it will never end. Just say your prayers and God will handle the situation also. Love ya.