Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rest in Peace Arlene :)

I found out today that my daughters Great Grandmother Arlene Whitmarsh died in her sleep last night... I am mourning her death as if she had been my own Grandmother :( She was not related to me but always gracious and kind to me and Garrett as we were 'welcomed' (not so much) into my ex-husbands family... she was genuine and a fighter, I had soo much respect for her and I wish soo very badly I could have seen her again.. Its been years and years since I last saw her, I think Savanna was till in diapers when I saw her last.
She was very wealthy so the family has just been waiting for her to die, I guess now they can all retire!! I wanted to take Savanna and Garrett to see her as soon as I could drive again, I wish I had been able to call her or something but I was prevented from any contact b/c the X family thought I would have ulterior motives... I only wanted her to know that she was loved for who she was ~ not for her money. Now I will not have the chance to take the kids to see her and I am sobbing as I write this, I wish I had been able to see her.. WHY did I let the X family control whether I saw her or not?? I am kicking myself now, hopefully her spirit will visit and then she will know...I really loved her and looked up to her, now she is in a better place and she died painlessly in her sleep...Rest in Peace Forever ARLENE, We love you :)

This just goes to show that we NEVER know when our last time will be to see someone...Dont let the sun go down on letting your feelings be known, it might be the only chance you have to tell them....

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Nichole said...

I am so so sorry. I know you are in pain right now but she knows in her heart that you were there and loved her. There are angels who look out for us and now that she is in a better place she does know and see the truth. So dry your eyes and know that she loves you too. I am here for you love you.