Monday, November 17, 2008

A weekend with friends and Teenage Drama!

Since I happen to live in Florida I get strange requests from long lost friends I have not seen in FOREVER that are traveling this way and looking for a place to stay ~ I am hospitable and have no problem opening up my home for houseguests as I enjoy being a hostess and having friends over is always fun! Eddie & Margee came this weekend on their way to the Carolina Gamecock Football game in Gainesville this weekend and we had a blast!! I still have a cast on my foot and a brace on my wrist but that didnt stop me from going with them and having fun! I feel like a spectacle sometimes or that I am just making a 'fashion statement' with my boot cast on my leg but at least I am getting out and about on my own two feet!
Friday night we attended an Alumni Party at the Marriott ~ Saturday morning we got up early I cooked breakfast, then they hit the road to ride the shuttle bus to Gainesville.

Saturday night things got a little crazy at my house with teenage DRAMA!! Garrett's ex-girlfriend was in the parking lot of my house around 10 PM with about 5 cars of teens at the pool house all ready to beat up a friend of Garrett's that was at the house. Rumors were going around that she is a new girlfriend and which started it all!! I live in a semi-retirement community and to have a screaming enraged teenage drama queen in my yard (which I share with neighbors) was NOT COOL!! My friends were due back anytime from the game and I had to diffuse the situation quickly so I called the police to take care of it! I hated being stuck in the middle! I made Garrett handle the police and hopefully the next time there is a confrontation it will not be in my yard! This is the price I pay for having an open door policy with many teenage kids... I want to provide a safe house for them but when stuff like this comes up I have to deal with it as well and it was not pretty!! My friends were understanding & after the teens left we were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening. It was nice to visit with old friends and I look forward to having house guests again soon.

My sweetheart and I have been separated since the 2nd of this month & I cant wait to see him again this Thursday night :) My Boss is on a 2 week vacation to Europe soo I am pretty busy at work but holding the fort down...Its only Monday and already I can't wait for the weekend....

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Nichole said...

I would have traded you weekends. I got an email today from H saying Tim doesn't want to come to my house anymore. That really hurt but I understand it isn't as fun at Mom's house when you have all the cool stuff at Dad's. Then I had drama with Mikey almost all weekend and that didn't help at all. I am so tired of being the nice guy.