Saturday, August 21, 2010

I like the ME that I See

Over year ago I was still living in Florida, working my real estate job and living my life as a full time single mom to the rugrats, carrying on the long distance relationship with Mr. Man as we got reaquainted with each other all over again. We were together at least every other weekend for 18 months, he came to Florida most weekends, I traveled too. We loved meeting on Tybee Island for Honeymoon weekends!  

Halloween 2009 ~ I was in a wheelchair and they took turns pushing, I was still able to be a part of the Trick or Treat Fun!

During the week, the kids and I stayed busy as ever with a packed schedule. I kept us occupied and doing things together; We had library night weekly, BFF dinner night, Spaghetti night with the kids sometimes,  Mexican dinner night out most weeks and the monthly Art Walk down town as well as events going on at the beach, we were there if at all possible. I always tried to have as much FUN with the rugrats and their friends as possible. Mr. Man fit nicely into our family and spent time with my daughter one on one at the Pier fishing as well as taking the time to get to know my teenage son and ALL his friends.
  ME with my son May 2010 ( hard to get him to take a photo with mom any more)
There were many extra rugrats (teenagers) in our home; since my son was in 7th grade, he asked if a kid could stay with us for a bit because his mom lived in a hotel and his friend was riding a city bus to get to the school bus stop out side our apartments. I said yes and that began the consistent flow of kids that were in need for many years. Our house was always FULL of extra bodies but they were safe and that made me happy ~ The Ultimate  "Paying It Forward" that I could do! I miss my extra 'kids', I love them all and think about them, still worry about some.... and pray for them all (Another Blog subject entirely)
ME in 2001 ~ I've come a LONG way since his Middle School years!!!
As I prepared for Open house tonight for my daughter's 7th grade year, I looked in the mirror at an entirely different person from 1 year ago and way different from the woman I was 8 years ago as I took my son to Middle school.

I like the woman I see; wise beyond her years, compassionate and empathetic, more calm and relaxed about life, accepting of the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. Knowledge of self really opens your eyes to others, I think its like the quote I read once says...What we see in others is a direct reflection of ourselves, good and bad.
ME in November 2008 ~ I took this and framed it as a gift for MR. Man
What I see in others that I like, I can try to emulate because that is a reflection of who I want to be, if it is something I don't like , I realize its something I need to work on within myself. There is always room for improvement and as I mature, I will continually look for the good in others so I can learn from them.

ME with my Daughter March 2010 ~ We both celebrated Birthdays ~ she is now 12 =)
The lines in my face, the body that is now 40,  the stubborn white hair that I have to cover up, the aches and pains, the body parts that just don't work like they used to or stay the same, but nothing stays the same, change is inevitable!  I look at these photos and see how much the rugrats have grown in just the last 2 years. I am proud to be their Mom ~ they challenge me and encourage me without even being aware of the impact it has on my life, to have the privilege of giving them life still amazes me sometimes! 

I embrace it, it is challenging but necessary for us to evolve and grow so we can live to our full potential! 
ME with Mr. Man on Tybee Island for his 41st Birthday celebration!
I like the ME that I See  ~ 5 years ago I would not have imagined feeling this way!

It's another one of those miracles in my life.....I am Blessed!

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