Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Grandpa is with Grandma now.....

Stairway to Heaven
Grandpa died 2 days ago ~ Joined Grandma in Heaven almost 9 years to the day that she went to her eternal home. They are together once again!
 One of my first memories of my grandparents was sitting in the back seat of their car and every time Grandma would see a car with a head light out, she would lean in for her Kiss from Grandpa! I thought it was so gross as a kid but now I think its endearingly sweet!!
A Few other memories that come to mind in one word descriptions...Taco night, Back yard Swimming pool, baby turtles, Chihuahuas, the color Orange everywhere, false teeth that made us laugh or cry depending on how old we were, Monster wedding cakes Grandma used to make, Watercolor Painting, Hard Candy in the candy bowl, Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, .....
Grandpa Herring Winter 2007
I gave them their first Great Grand child and as a grown woman, I loved just calling him on the phone for a good discussion/debate about whatever topic was on his mind that day! He loved to talk politics and religion and I always had a good argument for him, He loved it!! They were complete opposites in so many ways, balancing each other out was what they did best.  Grandma & Grandpa Herring stuck it out even when they didn't want to...because it was the right thing to do.

I was able to have Grandpa visit me in Florida almost 3 years ago and what a joy it was to have him around! The timing was not good as I was working two jobs, going to real estate school 2 nights a week and maintaining my role as a single mom.
Grandpa with Garrett & Savanna Winter 2007
I told him I would make as much time for him as I could during his stay  and I am so thankful I was brave enough to take him on, the time together was priceless, the kids got to know who he was and we even took him out to the beach before his visit was over.

I will miss my Grandpa, I am sad he is gone but happy in my heart that he is no longer in pain, He is finally in the best place he can possibly be in...Heaven!

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