Sunday, August 15, 2010

Attitude ~ Pure Choice!

I have been under the weather mentally the past few months, with all the changes I have gone through and am still experiencing, it's a bit overwhelming at times. I TRY to always rise above whatever drama is stirring up around me and I know that regardless of the situation, I can control my reaction to what is happening even when I have no control over what is happening at that time. Attitude is a choice!!
I CHOOSE to be happy and content as well as maintain a positive attitude most of the time, but that is not always possible. It is a lesson I am doomed to repeat every day, I will continue to repeat this lesson until I learn how to make the best choice, until it becomes second nature to me! I feel it is necessary in the world around me. I am surrounded by drama and craziness of all kinds and on every level, literally! If I catch the bad attitudes going around that are toxic and contagious then I am no better than they are!!
I want to be a good example, to rise above it and I am trying every day and will continue to do so!
I had a milestone 'anniversary' of sorts last week, celebrating the fact that I am still alive and well. The physical challenges and circumstances I am dealing with due to my own bad judgement could haunt me for the rest of my life if I let it....I was reliving that awful night two years ago with my BFF who was there with me....we talked about what could have been...We both got teary eyed just thinking about it!! I am sooo lucky I survived that almost fatal fall. I knew after it happened that I could choose to be down in the dumps about it and wallow in self pity OR I could choose to see the blessings around me each and every day, I chose the latter and I learned how to appreciate the little things in life....
Life is made up of lots of little things that when put together make a pretty incredible picture...its all in how we paint that picture in our head.

I have been accused of being a 'Polly Anna' ~ I will take that as a compliment!!

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X'tian Ou said...

i think everyone should choose to be happy :) I think im going to steal the second pic from you haha.