Thursday, September 3, 2009

Our new house!

This is it!!!! Our new home that we will share together ~ Finally,we will have the same address to go home to every night! After dating for over a year and a half long distance, it it something to really look forward to ☺The house is in Harrisburg, just outside of Charlotte NC ~ It is the only house we looked at and we realized it was perfect for us and our needs.... I saw it on-line and then Frankie saw the sign out front days later ~ we didn't realize that we were looking at the same house right away! It is Tri Level with a basement & garage ~ plenty of room for Garrett to be able to make some noise with his guitar, etc...
The kids and I are all very excited about the move, we just have a few things to take care of here in Jax before we go! I am for the first time, choosing paint colors, looking at fabric samples and shopping for things like ceiling fan's with light fixtures! I have always rented the homes we have lived in so there has not been allot to do to the inside, I try to always plant flowers but that's about it.... now we will have not just a flower garden but a vegetable garden and maybe even some pygmy goats & chickens too! Beach babe is moving to the country..... I am going to miss the beach but I know we will visit as much as we can!
Life goes on and on and I am happy to say that the ride is much smoother for us than it was even one year ago ~ Last year this time I was scared to make it out the door for fear that something else would break and look at me now! Still having pain in my foot on a daily basis but at least I have my foot!
Blessings abound for us and I am ready for the next chapter of our lives to begin ♥


Nichole said...

I am so very happy for you and your family. Take your time and enjoy all the changes. The energy bulbs work really well. Hopefully someday soon we will be there closer to you also.

Anonymous said...

well I'm so happy for you just knowing that your happy brings a smile to my lips and a prayer of thankfulness that my eldest is truly happy, and it shows in her thoughts and writings, I Love you Sweetheart looking forward to you being closer to home maybe we'll see each other more then we have in the past.