Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Good Morning ~ NOT!!!! The Cold Marble remedy strikes again!

I was always told that when I became a parent, I would be paid back 10 fold for the hell that I put my parents through by my OWN children ~ I am experiencing this now more than ever before with the task of waking up my daughter for school in the morning. My Mom had to 'sic' the family dog on me (I do not like being licked in the face by animals period!) just to get me out of bed for school in the morning. Granted, this issue didn't start for me and Mom until high school; my daughter just began middle school and it already has become a major undertaking to get her going in the morning.

I had the same challenge with Garrett and still do to some degree, I heard of a cheap and easy remedy and have now told my sweet princess that she will be getting the COLD marble treatment just as her brother did ~ This is how:

Get a bag of marbles and put them in the freezer, when you go in to wake the kid that is sleeping like the dead...toss a few of the COLD marbles in the bed with them the little devils will automatically roll toward the kid and their nice warm skin, from the first touch of the COLD COLD marbles next to the sleeping kid, they will want to get away from it as quickly as possible, as they roll away in their bed... the marbles will just roll with them... the only way to get away from the cold marbles is to get out of the nice warm bed they have been snoozing in. Problem solved EXCEPT, you now have a very disgruntled and unhappy kid who has not had a pleasant morning from the start and a Mommy that is not to happy either!
It only took a few times of this with Garrett to get him up, then I just had to mention that I was going to get the COLD marbles, and he would get up.

This may sound barbaric to some but when it takes 15 minutes of our morning to get her out of bed... it is becoming more of a nuisance and frustrating beyond what I care to handle so early in the day. I hope that we can resolve this and I know in time we will find a way to have more enjoyable and less stressful mornings... more happy moments are ahead for our mornings!
My Princess used to wake up, look out the window and say " Look Mommy!, It's a wonderful beautiful day!" ~ Here's to our many many wonderful beautiful days together.....

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Doris said...

There are many things you have taught me concerning parenting. The best of which is to keep an open mind.. here is to cold marbles and the kids who don't want to get out of bed,oh, and I don't think I will let Jon know about this or he will give me the "cold marbles" I don't like getting up!