Monday, September 21, 2009

It is quite a job to pack up a house and move it! I have moved alot over the years and we have lived in this condo longer than anywhere else (3 years) It may not seem long to some folks but when you move every year or two it is a huge accomplishment, I was finally able to give my children a stable home environment and we have loved living there except for the senior citizens that watch our every move!! I save things, alot of things....memory/scrap books, recipes, books, knick knacks and so on....I have purged my house of alot of the unnecessary items I was holding on to, but cannot let myself get rid of the craft projects that I have been saving for a 'rainy day', or things that are in my closet that I just can't dispose of just in case my daughter might need it someday....I started packing up my HUGE walk in closet this past weekend and realize that I still have to get rid of some things....

The kids are excited about the move and are already helping with the sorting and packing process... It is a job we had to start early due to the fact that I move so much slower than I used to. I have to have my place ready for showings within a 24 hour notice so it is crunch time!!!

Deciding what to take it not a problem because we will have more than enough room to store everything in the new house, we are going to hold a family garage sale with a few friends and family up there after we get all settled in. The process has begun and we are getting ready, it is exciting we have so much to look forward to!

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Nichole said...

I am hoping to be doing the same thing soon. I keep looking at jobs and pray that come March there will still be some for me. I am very excited knowing that we will be living in the same state again. I know that for me this move will be theraputic and healing. Very happy for you my friend neighbors soon! that sounds so wonderful