Tuesday, October 13, 2009

going CRAZI!?!?!?! trying NOT to!!!

I feel like I am going absolutely crazi sometimes! Since I fell last year, I have very few side affects but one of the main ones is my short term memory! I used to be able to remember almost anything, I would just imagine flipping the 'rolodex' in my head and locating the answer! Now, it can take me hours and sometimes days to remember something!! It is aggravating to say the least! I am trying to get situated to move from Florida to NC and have loose ends to wrap up just like anyone else who makes a move like this... I just feel unorganized and scatter brained most of the time and it is exhausting me! Just realizing how unorganized I feel is making me more tired!!

I know I can get a handle on this, it is simply mind over matter and I have to accept that things in my head are never going to be the same as they were before that almost fateful day, August 9, 2008.. I am grateful to be Alive and Sassy each and every day, thankful I am not riding the 'short bus' to a place I am not even aware of with slobber dripping on my drool bib... It is a thought that is very real to me as I realize just how lucky I really am! I am meant to be here, to love and be loved and no matter how crazi I feel, I am a lucky and HAPPY girl!

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