Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Trying to be a friend for a friend in need....

I have a close friend who is struggling with an addiction and I don't know how to help. It will rob him of everything if he lets it...It's all about choices and I wish I knew the right things to say, I want to take all the hurt away and make it all better but he has to want it for himself first. When I was writing my blog yesterday I had no idea he was struggling so badly with these inner demons that he believes have a hold on him...I told him tonight that he has to own the fact that he can overcome this and have a better life because of it...

I struggled with alcohol abuse for a long time (it was my way of self medicating to deal with my second ex husband who was very controlling and abusive) and it was not until I made the choice to get help for myself that things turned around...I had to get in a place in my life to be able to be receptive to the help that was available. I still use alcohol, sometimes for more than enjoyment, what I learned from it was that I can control my temptations and it is manageable if you want it bad enough! I wanted to stop being a functioning drunk and it was not until I heard those very words from my doctor that I had to wake up, own it and choose to do something about it. It was not immediate that I sought out help, I was still not willing to give up things that I thought were so important at that time...I had to be willing to rid myself of all the toxic people in my life who put the temptation there to begin with, I cannot blame anyone but myself and even though it made for a very lonely existance, I slowly dismissed the people in my life who were nothing but trouble for me!!!

I will always have to make the conscious choice when I choose to drink to do it responsibly! I want to be a good example to those around me and I admit, I slip up sometimes, I drink too much sometimes still, but every day I try a little harder and know that I can beat this by believing in myself and that higher power where I get my strength!

I feel like I can help my friend, especially now that he has asked for my help, that was a big step he took today and I admire his courage, I hope to be helpful to him in his time of need in his life. I do not have much experience with the drug he is struggling with but I know enough to know that it is very dangerous and can be life altering if he does not turn things around soon. I recommended that he try to go to a few meetings at a local church in his area and I can be supportive from afar as much as he needs me to be.

It is such a helpless feeling to not be able to do anything except be supportive and encouraging! He asked me for help because he trusted me and I will do my very best to help him through this as much as I am able to.

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