Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy & Blessed & He loved the Pink Dress!

Another Weekend Honeymoon ~ Just for the two of us ~
My awsome Mr. Man and I took a weekend getaway to Savannah / Tybee Island Georgia and it was just what we needed...
I bought a little sundress, light pink and halter style, it fits like it was made for me and my Man LOVED IT!!!! It feels so good to put on a simple pink sundress and make him so happy!

Our long distance love is still amazing & as our relationship continues to grow we are learning how to best love each other. Its hard to be in limbo with no real plan as of yet for when we will make the next step and share a home, in time it will all come together...
We are blessed to be Crazy in love with each other ~ High School Sweethearts!! Who Knew?!? I would have never dreamed it, yet it's the BEST thing that's happened to me aside from bringing my children into the world!

It has been 11 months since I fell and healing is still taking place and will for quite some time. I have days where the pain is constant and other days are pretty good ~ it reminds me that I am blessed to have my life AND my foot, I cannot possibly curse the incident and how it affected my life when I know how very lucky I am to be alive and well and able to wear a little pink dress!!!
The second day we were at the beach ~ Its our favorite place to go and relax!

He liked the red dress too but its not so new.....

Happy & Blessed

Tybee Island South Beach on a Sunday afternoon....

He is a Prince among men and my King!

Tybee Island North Beach ~ a much more secluded beach and the beauty in nature is all around!

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