Friday, February 6, 2009



i miss my blog!!!! I have been super busy with work & home & kids & missing my honey and trying to deal with this 'black cloud of accidents' that seems to be hovering over me!! Last Friday morning I had just dropped Savanna off @ school and I was in a car accident just a few blocks away that resulted in my car being a total loss!! BYe BYe my baby Lexus!!
Thankfully I was not hurt except for a nasty bump on the head and the lady involved had her coffee spilled on her...silver linings :) I had to call the ex-factor to help me out with transportation and he was happy to be called by me for any help at all... He did take me to school for the 5th grade monthly luncheon that I was not going to miss if I could help it, even with a bump on the head and an icepack in my purse!! He offered to take me to lunch but when I wanted to discuss Savanna's future in Middle School next year he decided to take me home. I am PROUD as a peacock of Savanna for making such good grades this year and taking school more seriously ~ she has expressed interest in the Miss Teen Jacksonville pageant and I am willing to take her for initial interviews but will not get sucked into the money pit of pageants ~ I would rather take her on a vacation!!

SAVANNA WITH HER BFF TJ TURNER (they have been friends since they were babies)
She is growing up soo very fast....I get teary eyed knowing that the little girl years are almost completely behind us...I feel that she is better adjusted than she has ever been since her dad and I divorced ~ She gets to witness first hand how 2 people treat each other when the love is really there and I am thankful for that too :)
Frankie was coming into town later Friday and was here to take me to purchase a used car before he left Sunday afternoon. We always enjoy our weekend honeymoons but are looking forward to sharing the same address before the year is over ♥ We went to an old Theatre Friday night ~enjoyed a late brunch Saturday and then a nice walk on the beach ~ watched the 'Bucket List' movie Saturday afternoon which was a great movie I highly recommend it ~ I will be working on my own 'bucket list' for future reference...and then our weekend was over 'till next time.... I may surprise him this weekend and just show up in Cola town... we'll see :) otherwise it will be Valentines weekend before we are together again.

Since the accidental fall almost 6 months ago things in my life have changed pretty drastically...I was a skirt & heels gal almost EVERY day and now I am wearing blue jeans and boots (thank God its winter right now) not sure what I am going to do when warmer weather gets here for good and that is early in the year in entire shoe wardrobe has to change and that is hard but I know I will manage and I am soo very thankful that I still have a foot to wear shoes on at all :)

I also lost my contact in the accident,soo I have been wearing the spectacles every day and that is also not what I am used to...Now I am driving a car that was meant for my son...its almost identical to a car I bought when I was 23 years old ~ 1991 Toyota Celica ( 17 years old but runs great) and at least its paid for...change happens every day in out lives and its a matter of how we react to those changes that make us who we are to ourselves and others...I am soo very thankful to have Frankie in my life ~ I don't know how I would have made it without his love and support and he still loves me ~ even with the changes..its a beautiful thing!!
My son Garrett has a job as a server and is doing well with it ~ He made me soo very proud of him yesterday.. he finally made tip money Wednesday night ~ he rides the city bus after school to the local mall down the street from our house...He met a young man 19 years old on the bus that was 'down on his luck' yesterday and G offered to buy him lunch ~ they shared lunch and conversation together before parting ways... I am proud that I raised a young man who is not self involved and willing to lend a helping hand to even a total stranger! I am also glad they were in a very public place (the mall) crowded with people, that's the mom in me wanting him to stay safe! G just wanted to make siure the guy got a good meal for the day.. what a blessing to have such an awesome young man for a son!!
My job has Drama for the first time ever and I am not sure how to deal with it! Add 1 person to an office of 3 and it changes the dynamics of everything!! I am tolerating a 'tweety bird' brain and still maintaining my sanity.. its all about attitude dahlings!

I am looking into other ways of making money on my own.. I really miss event planning and catering but cannot stand on my feet for 12 hours for an event right now so I will make baby steps back into that world... in the mean time, I have to generate income doing something I love, can get excited about and believe in completely.. I think I may have found something, just doing a little more research first.
I am itching to start using my new laptop to begin to write my first books...I think I may have to set aside time for myself a few times a month to do just that and nothing else.. this is when a houseboat would really come in handy :)

I have rambled on long enough and must get back to work....and daydream of the things to come.... Life is but a dream....


Doris said...

Life is short, but wide. Yours is full of such wonderful things sweetheart. I am proud of you and your offspring. The three of you are an ispiration to those around you. Keep that beatuifully sculpted chin up and remember you are loved!

Sarah J. said...

thanks honey, your encouraging words are always appreciated :) I know you will do great raising your rugrats.. staying beautiful all the while :)
HUGs n LOVE to you sis!

Nichole said...

I am so very proud of you and your children have a great mother. Yes lives change constantly and it is our job to adjust to those changes or make choices that will benefit not only ourselves but others involved. I love you and remember there isn't a challenge that we cannot get through by the Grace of God.