Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Over... The Fat Lady Sang her heart out!

Alot of folks woke up this morning feeling either elated or disappointed...I went to vote with my 18 year old son Garrett after work yesterday afternoon, thankfully we just missed the long line that was about to form ~ I was proud to be there to see him exercise his right to vote & we voted together!

I remember the first time I voted, I took him with me in 2000 ~ I am ashamed that it took me soo very long to exercise my right to vote! Savanna voted at school last Friday and we all voted for Obama :) She would not admit it to her dad ~ he is a staunch Republican and I hate that she felt she had to lie to him in order not to upset him but some things will never change and he is one of them unfortunately....

I was glad to see my kids so involved in the election process ~ Garrett registered to vote the day he turned 18 this year, then got the tattoo he had been waiting for since he was 16 :) his priorities were in line huh?? The photo is from his Birthday party which he arrived late because of the tattoo he was getting!!
Savanna was too excited to go to sleep last night! She had so many questions about the red and blue states and why are some gray and some still white?? I was happy to stay up and explain it all to her, as I said glad to have her inquisitive about it. This day will go down in the history books ~ I am glad I was here to witness it!

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