Friday, July 23, 2010

It is what it is and I am okay with that! =)

I have always been able to tap into my Girl Power ~ No, I won't claim to be Super Woman by any means, but I know I have had Super powers of my own over the years...We all do, how else would we get by with out them??Before my almost fatal fall 2 years ago, I was always flying with my stilletoe heels barely touching the ground! My fiance could barely keep up with me sometimes. This was the life I became accustomed to as a single mom for 8 years on my own, working multiple jobs and making it happen. I mention how I have learned to stop and smell the flowes and see the butterflys, listen to the birds and watch the garden grow among many other things I was not taking notice if at all, too busy with everything I had going on... I am sad that I missed out on so many little things while I was speeding through life!

Now I am stuck in bed almost 24/7 taking the time necessary to heal and I am trying not to go out of my mind!!! I knew it would be hard and just thinking about it was stressful even before my ankle fusion surgery a few weeks ago... Of course the house continues to be lived in and needs constant up keep, Its not easy for me but My awesome man and my son are doing a great job maintaining things, they will never do it like I do but it gets done and thats all that really matters at the end of the day....So, I am stuck in bed, Off my foot until it at least Labor Day ~ If the offer was out there to lay around for 3 months and have people wait on you hand & foot, sounds like a dream for some, its more like a nightmare for me!!
I am counting my blessings and thankful for my life, my health and the healing power that continues to prevail in my life every day through faith and prayer I know we will make it.

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