Saturday, July 24, 2010

Groceries, coupons and eating healthy

SO, I am no longer able to do the grocery shopping but I got Frankie bit by the coupon bug. When he saw how much money we can save just by using them, he is using them on his solo trips and so is my son.
I make a list on an envelope and put the coupons for those items inside the envelope ( its always a recycled envelope from the mail I opened that day)
they follow it pretty well and it works for now! I knew things would not be done just like I do them but at least they are getting done right?!?!

Our diet has to change because I am not able to cook, Its a struggle just to try to make coffee in the kitchen and I find myself alone at the house more and more so convenience foods are back temporarily like it or not!
I have to eat healthy and maintain my weight, not lose any but definitely not gain any back! I am so proud of myself for maintaining my weight loss of 30+ lbs over the past 2 years, no dieting just portion control and cut back on the 'white' stuff in things like bread, pasta, sugar, flour etc...

I am finally starting to see myself as the small 'skinny Minnie' I am called by my man, my family & girlfriends, I think that's the hardest part is the body perception carried around, still feeling like a fat person but no longer wearing fat clothes....I can eat whatever I want whenever I want in moderation. I read the book "SKINNY BITCH" about 3 years ago, I asked for it on my 37th birthday and my son bought it for me; that book changed my perception of food forever!

We try to eat healthy, my Sweet man was not fed well (not with healthy foods that is) most of his life so we are playing catch up with him, re training the brain as to what is good and not good for you. I want him to eat healthy so I pay attention to what we are eating together, I want us both to be healthy and live our years together enjoying life because we live a healthy lifestyle. He just got a bow flex today....We will be able to work out together soon and I look forward to that.
I am not sure if this blog is read much by anyone out there, I just enjoy the outlet I have here and if anything I share happens to help you than I have done well :)

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