Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Catching up with life..just as fast as I can!!!!

So, my last post was April 9....Think I took a long enough break?!? So much happens in life every day, its hard to keep up, the older I get the faster things seem to happen!!!
Sunset over Seattle while in the air.. It was amazing!
the Space Needle from the ground....
My Awesome Mr. Man turned the BIG 40 and we did it in style in Seattle, Washington, it was our most amazing honeymoon yet! A whirlwind trip in 5 short days ~
2 of them traveling friendly skies!!! I just had to pose with the plane....I can pretend its my own private jet right??!?! :)
Visiting with family, what a beautiful view from their back yard! and the Spaghetti Lunch was delicious!
Going to the Tulip fields,

Walking out to Deception Pass,

Staying the night on Lummi Island,

In a rustic cabin with the most awesome view....

Dinner in the Space Needle restaurant with a view!!! and so much more!It was our first trip together as adults, the first of what we hope will be many more!!! We went to Disney World in 1986 with his family, yes, I was just sweet 16, now here we are 22 years later and our love is stronger than ever!!!! Its great to have a special someone to look forward to enjoying life with... from the celebrations & trips to the joy & tears that come along with life accompanied by the snuggles at night and everything in between...♥
I feel our love for each other shines from each of us... love changed us both ~ for better of course! Its nice to be a part of an inspiring love story, one that is very real and I feel is forever!

We have enjoyed countless hours watching beautiful sunsets and breathtaking sunrises together!!

The Easter Sunrise Service at the beach was most memorable and we shared it with Savanna & Natalee too! ~ they are BFF's and both now upcoming 6th graders.. in respective different middle schools this fall... I cannot say that I am sad they won't be at school together next year, I could not control the influences on my daughter last year and I am hoping for different options for her so she can hopefully make better choices; it's scary to send them to middle school :( The 5th grade dance was the first one she attended that, when I pulled up to the school, she squealed with delight when she saw the boy she had a crush on...she is more interested in girly things and has grown so much in just ONE school year!
This was last Mothers day ....

and this is Mothers Day weekend 2009 She is the ultimate rocker chic and usually goes by the name Sophie H. ~ and where did my baby girl go?????????

Garrett is finished with High School, without all the hoopla attached to it, he will get his diploma in the mail. He is much more inclined to get on with life in college, playing in his band and cooking with his girlfriend Sam...
Jammin' at a gig This was the two of them on Cinco De' Mayo this year..

We ( Frankie & I) are signed up as distributors for Mona Vie.. I have a link attached to my website here on this blog page.. It is something that I felt the physical results from in just 1 week of drinking it and Frankie noticed improved health too, we both can feel it and cannot help but want to share it with everyone we can! Why not drink to our health every day? Its the least we can do and it makes our body feel good too!!
I am happy to share it with anyone that is interested!
So, that's an update from my CRAZI crazi world.. 'till next time dahlings.....Carpe Diem!

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