Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more life lessons....the journey continues

Life is not something for us to understand... more like a never ending adventure with twists and turns sometimes going soo very fast we get whiplash trying to get a glimpse with that 20/20 vision that we so often get in hindsight....Why cant we use that 20/20 vision with foresight?? I guess its one of the many ways we learn life lessons!
I am so very blessed and grateful for my life today and every day! My children enrich my life and my friends are amazing ~ how did I get so lucky?!?
I am soo very proud to watch them grow into young adults I can be proud of! Savanna is 11 tomorrow and I wonder where the time went? it seems like yesterday that I was nursing her and watching her sleep in my arms... not so much of that anymore.. We are struggling a bit with this puberty thing and the attitude that comes with it!!@#@ !!!
I know that simply because I want to be a good mother, I will be successful at it... not sure how much, but I know that as long as I make every effort, I will have done my best :)
Its just like everything else in life, you can choose to succeed at whatever you are trying to accomplish or you can do it half assed, however you choose to accomplish things... your expectations of the end result should mirror your efforts...it never ceases to amaze me when I see people do a shitty job at just about everything they do because they don't have a sense of self pride or self respect. Where the hell were their parents?!?!?!

I didn't intend to rant today...I am sure we all come across people in our daily lives that we know we will have to take up the slack because they show up with a slack attitude!! its just another life lesson we have to learn... just like the art of 'eating shit and smiling" as we have to do some of that too don't we??? I did waayyy too much of that as a bartender!!

I am happy to learn ~ the more we learn the more we grow ~ I NEVER want to stop learning!!

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Nichole said...

Your last posting was awesome especially the statement on Marilyn Monroes picture. Have a good one will call laters.