Monday, March 23, 2009

39 and counting.....

I feel like this photo.... ready to kick up my heels and seize the day!! Carpe Diem every day is what I strive for!
I called my Mom this morning and thanked her for bringing me here... into this world that is. I am not sure if I ever said it to her that simply before...I am 39 today ~ I always thought 40 was old 'till a few years ago, I told myself then that I wanted to be better @ 40 than I was at age 20 and I am getting closer to my goal every year :)

I had the most amazing weekend being pampered by the love of my life! He made me feel soo very special and loved!

In the past, my birthday had become a day I dreaded...the ex-factor always had a way of screwing things up on the day that was supposed to be MY special day soo I really didn't family was not one to celebrate birthdays in my early years of growing up so I had given up on looking forward to a celebration...this weekend changed all of that! This has turned out to be the most memorable birthday EVER and I am just amazed by it all!

I am thankful today and everyday for my inner angel I have come to know inside myself...Listening to that still small voice can be challenging but so very rewarding when we take the time to be quiet and listen....
(I am aware now more than ever before how very public my blog is soo I will be sharing abridged/ shortened versions of any personal activity occuring in my life due to the fact that too many inquiring minds want to know too much!!!) censorship is a necessary thing...

I got to see my sisters and their families yesterday, it is always nice to get together with them...We are all growing and changing in our own individual ways and it is very interesting to watch! Because I am not in town all the time I get a different perspective than I used to...that is another blog subject entirely!

Since the almost fatal fall last August, alot has changed for me...I am reminded when I see a loved one I have not seen in awhile...or just the other day when my BFF was discussing how much easier it is to talk to me.... I am not as scatter brained as I was before and he even said I seem more wise... ha ha ha :) I think some of it is because I was slowed down in every aspect of my life and now understand how important it is to think things through, think a little before I speak and also try to understand how my words will affect the person I am speaking to.
I am looking forward to the year ahead and all that it will bring...Having a man in my life who truly loves me has made all the difference in the world ~ for that and the many other blessings in my life I am grateful!
This is my 'mantra' this year!!

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Doris said...

Hello Beautiful! I miss you and I hope you continue to have a wonderful day! I will send you the info we discussed over the phone the other day! I miss you!