Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 days and counting....

Frankie & I enjoyed the lights together
Christmas lights in St. Augustine with my sweetheart, Melanie, Savanna & T.J. last Saturday night.. it was beautiful!!

Its 8 days till Christmas and I am not as ready as I would like to be but better off than some I am sure ~ This year I have gotten creative again, more out of necessity than anything and its almost like it was 18 years ago for Garrett's first Christmas, I made gifts for the first few years that he was around then ran out of time because life got busy... now that I am not working all my crazy jobs, I have had the time to still be able to produce gifts from the heart and worth giving as well and that is what its all about..
Garrett right before he left me for 2 weeks ~ his trip to Denver was fun and I am glad he came home... he said he almost stayed...
December has been a whirlwind, Garrett had his first plane trip away from me for 2 weeks in Denver ~ Frankie took an extra week vacation and came here to Jax where we had 5 blissful days together! We picked out a tree with Savanna, attended her winter concert at school and even went out to the beach for a bit, ending the week with the beautiful Chirstmas lights in St. Augustine ~ amazing to see the city lit up for Christmas and I cannot believe I have not been there before now since I live close by!!

5th Grade chorus was entertaining for the winter concert! ~ Savanna is on the far left, 2nd row up...its hard to take good photos in this room :( no matter what camera I use!
I told Frankie this morning that I am so happy it has felt so natural with us from the moment we saw each other again, We have been "playing house" according to our friends ~ it has just felt natural to be together day after day doing the mundane things around the house, etc... we are just happy to be together regardless of what we are doing and I have not had one awkward moment since we have been together which is amazing in itself!!.
This was the night we decorated the tree! listening to Christmas carols~ baking rum cake ~drinking bubbly... what a night! :)
I had many 'one date wonders' in the 8 years I was single and I would always have the 'breakfast test' in my own mind on the very first date I would wonder... Could I see myself waking up in his arms and making him breakfast?? obviously no one passed the test until Frankie came along... "You didn't look good for Breakfast" (what he said) catchy name for a title to my book huh?? I am always looking for something that will catch the eye to draw the reader in to my literary world... crazy thoughts... mine just the same :)
I am so very grateful for all the wonderful people in my life and I have more than usual to be reflect on as this year comes to a close... I never imagined I would be so very happy with someone and it has already made me a better person, happiness is contagious!! My kids get to see a kinder gentler Mom ~ I have someone to share my days with even though we don't come home to each other every night ~ it makes a real difference.. I didn't know what I was missing out on ~ Maybe the 'asshole magnet' that was on my forehead finally came off for good!! I am looking forward to the most awesome Christmas with both my children by my side & a wonderful man to share it all with!

Life couldn't be better and I am grateful for all the many blessings in my life!!
Merry CHRISTmas...

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Nichole said...

Your writing has always intrigued me. I am so very happy that you are experiencing what love really is. I have found that myself. This holiday will be wonderful with the exception of my children being away. I miss them so very much but we will have our Christmas when we all return. I am so glad God had a plan for you because without you in my life I am not sure what I would have done. Enjoy your children and Frankie. May God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas