Monday, November 3, 2008

A New place for me :)

So, I now have a blog page, somewhere to call my own and a place for me to put down thoughts when I cannot write them down in a journal...I live alone without adult companionship so I needed a place to let it out so to speak!!

I have attached the photo of my sweetheart & I ~ this was taken just a few weeks ago while I visited him in Charlotte ~ I am lucky enough to be crazy in love at my age and its with my very first love ♥ We were high school sweethearts over 20 years ago and just reconnected a little over 5 months ago! We could not be happier and look forward to our very bright future together!

I recently had a very bad accidental fall ~ August 9, 2008 was D-day for me!! It could have been the day the lights went out but thankfully God still has plans for me yet! I am recovering very well, more rapidly than the doc's expected and hope to dance with my honey on New Years Eve! I got to put my toes in the sand at the beach this past weekend and it was such a thrill!! I Love the ocean and the surf, I feel so connected with the earth when I am at the oceans edge...

Back to work full time this week... much earlier than expected but I am not surprised at myself because I am soo determined and stubborn most all the time! I am blessed to have my children by my side and they are both a big help with the stuff I cannot do just yet... I washed dishes, did laundry and even made the bed for the first time in months this past weekend and was happy to do it :)

Every day I get to do something I was not able to do before so the victories are small but HUGE to me! I am grateful for all the prayers that went up for me and my family and blessed beyond measure to have friends and family who love and support me unconditionally!

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