Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Domestic Diva in Training

I am now officially not working my catering job and am learning how to stay home and just be domesticated ~ I know it may seem strange coming from me, I was on my own as a single mom for many many years but never have I had the pleasure of just staying home and taking care of the house, my rugrats and my man....

We moved from the beach to the woods last November, not literally but there is not too much difference in the starke contrast to the lifestyle we have now and the one the kids and I were used to for most of their lives....It has been interesting and challenging but nothing that we have not been able to adjust to. Hardest is for the kids who left all their friends behind and are now starting their life over as an 19 yr old man and 12 yr old pre teen.
I miss my friends but have my wonderful husband to be to wake up next to every morning and he is my world, my best friend. It is nice to know that we are a team, united for ever and together we can face anything!!

I love the home we have created together and it is quite blissful most of the time, the biggest adjustment has to be our sleep needs and the fact that I don't seem to require as much as he does, therefore, Wednesday nights are his 'go to bed early night' and it works out pretty well.

When any couple makes the choice to co-habitate, it can be very stressful. I am happy to say we compliment each other in every way and he is even getting used to the rugrats doing what they are told....His ex factor was not the type to embrace the domestic side of life and her kids remain her kids, even after it was all said and done, which is better for us all as far a I am concerned! the less drama the better!!

We have all the best for our home, every convenience necessary to manage and run our household, I just need a schedule for me and the rugrats so everything stays kept up with. I am teaching my daughter Savanna this summer how to do most household chores, If I could teach her without the complaining that comes with it well, that would be fantastic!!

I am learning the art of gardening, making the best of the harvest that we are blessed with ~ Cooking from scratch has always been my thing and I get to do it all the time now! Frankie was used to and likes Hamburger Helper, I am not crazy about it and prefer fresh food instead of pre packaged stuff full of all the bad stuff but it is more convenient sometimes and he enjoys it, just occasionally now though... I get up with him in the morning and enjoy a quick coffee as I fix his lunch for the day, I want him to eat healthy all day not just when he is at home (never thought I would EVER get up early for anyone except my kids of course, much less fix his lunch but he is worth is and always appreciates me, that is the difference dahlings!!)
I am feeling better and better about my organizational skills, when I moved up here, I started my catering job before the furniture even arrived so I never felt like the house got settled in the right way. I am loving the fact that this is OUR home, not a rental I will have to leave in a year or two..the attic is full and there is so much stuff that I still need to sort thru and purge, I have the time looming ahead of me so I am getting the projects lined up to do when I feel up to it! I am looking forward to getting so much done!
Tips and tricks I am using around here will be noted in my blog attached to this one "Just ask Sarah anything"
Lastly, I am hooked on coupons!! I am learning there is an art to it of sorts but it is soo worth it!! When I can save money just by taking a little extra time to prepare for my trip it makes a huge difference, one I am proud of!! I thought it was a waste of time until I tried it, now I try not to go to the store without them! First time my bill was $161.00 after savings and coupons $121 ~ last trip, before coupons $244 after $193!
I will learn all I can about it without getting obsessed, I don't need to chase deals all over town, just doing what I am already doing works for me!!
The lifestyle I had before is fading into my past as I grow and learn to embrace this new way of life for all of us! Knowing I have a man who loves and appreciates me makes ALL the difference in the world!!

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Jenn said... this! Keep it up! You'll be amazing as you grow into it...and you'll inspire others. It is truly a gift from God to us these "coupons" - keep it up!