Monday, December 8, 2008

In spite of it all ~ I choose to be happy!

Soooo, getting ready for Christmas this year is a bit more of a challenge than I am used to... I have maintained a positive mental attitude about my recovery and will continue to do so because that is my choice!

Usually this time in December I have the house decorated, tree and all, the christmas photo taken and cards ready to go out...not so much this year...I usually work catering gigs thru out the fall and Holiday season for Christmas cash and cannot do that either soo its back to getting crafty and also realizing that things will not be the same this year and I cannot expect them to be either!! The lack of energy and funds will make it a different kind of celebration but I have to remember why we celebrate the season ~ Christ is the reason for the season and that should always be our focus more than the gifts we exchange...

I have amazed the doctors with my rapid healing but I am still slower than I am used to and all the while thankful that I have air to breathe every day and a life to enjoy no matter how difficult it is temporarily! I refuse to believe that I will be handicapped or disabled in any way from this 'speed bump' in my life... I realize I could have lost my life but I didn't ~ I am meant to be here so I intend to make the most of it as always! Carpe Diem!!

I am blessed to have my healthy children, a loving family and an awesome man to share this life with ~ no longer alone during the Holidays will be a real treat! Happiness is a state of mind and I choose to be drowning in it!!!

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Nichole said...

Glad to hear you are staying positive that is what gets us through the most challenging times in our lives. Besides God doesn't put anything in your plate that you cannot handle. Love you