Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Ramblings

Attended Savanna's concert last night honoring Veterans who serve our country ~ I got a ride with her Dad & it went pretty smoothly. Took alot of photos but the lighting in the room was dim with florescents and they didn't turn out too good even with a kick ass camera! The song the kids were singing about living in the heart of America brought tears to my eyes as I am patriotic to the the core of my soul. Having lived overseas as a child I can appreciate the freedoms we have here in this country and Thank God for the Veterans who daily give their time away from family to protect our freedoms.
I was also emotional about being there to see Savanna perform... I realize every day how lucky I am to still be here and to be able to watch my children grow and flourish into the prosperous adults they will become is such a blessing :) Its AMAZING how very fast they grow up!! It seems like just yesterday she was nursing at my breast and sleeping all the time... had not even learned the word "NO" yet... now she tries to argue with me!! I am apprehensive about the teen years to come ~ they say payback from our childhood comes thru with our own children and if that is the case then I am in for it! Being a Preachers Kid I lived up to the name to a certain degree....soooo at least I can say there is hardly anything she can do that I have not already done, at least I will be wiser than my parents were in that respect =)
This is the end of my first full week back to work and it has been long and tiring at times but I am glad to feel productive again. My house is trying to stay in order and I have alot of work to do this weekend to keep it that way... something else that is NEVER done!! WHY? WHY can't someone answer that for me? In my next life I will have a full staff ~ a promise I am making to myself. Getting back on my feet is great but learning my limitations is a completely other thing as limitations was NOT in my vocabulary prior to the accident...its hard to walk slower than a 96 year old grandma and to see the old folks passing me by in their walkers at the hospital is not something I will ever get used to and I wont b/c I know this is only temporary! Every day I seem to get a little stronger and my foot feels a little less pain unless I am on it too long that is... I am wondering when I will be able to wear my cute shoes again... I know it will be awhile....I miss my shoes!
So, blogging is kind of addictive ~ I have so much down time right many thoughts I cannot gather them fast enough or my fingers cannot type fast enough... not sure which it is. I went to have a cocktail with Savanna's dad last night before the concert and we took her to Japanese Steakhouse dinner afterwards...the most time I have been around him in quite awhile. We have been living separate lives and its been difficult to even communicate about Savanna so I tried to make the conversation all about her and how we can work as a team to be the best parents we can be for her ~ that's what she really needs from us and we cannot give her anything else at this point except 2 parents that get along and have her best interests at heart. I feel we made alot of progress last night ~ I hope we can move forward and continue what we started. I truly wish him only the best and in time hopefully he will want that for me as well.

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